Meet Our 5 in 1 Cover - a Mum's Must Have

Meet Our 5 in 1 Cover - a Mum's Must Have

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Sometimes, it can feel overwhelming trying to decide what baby gear items are must haves, and which ones to leave off the baby shower gift registry.  We would argue that a car seat cover is a mama must have.  Here's why:

Temperature Control

Particularly if you live somewhere with four seasons, your car seat cover is going to prove especially useful.  The right car seat cover can protect your baby from the winter elements and also keep him more comfortable in the summer months.

During the colder months, the cover seals in warmth, creating a toasty nest for your little angel to snuggle in while you're on the go.  While it may be tempting to leave your baby in a snowsuit or coat during car transport, don't!  Car seat manufacturers caution that this is extremely dangerous.  A car seat cover provides a safe alternative to extra clothing layers, while still protecting your little one from the wind, rain, and snow.  Keeping even your baby's face shielded from the cold, the car seat cover ensures that he will stay dry and happy while being shuttled from point A to point B. 

When the weather turns warmer, a car seat cover is still worth its weight in gold.  Slathering a baby in sunscreen can be a major chore.  With a cover, baby stays protected from harsh sunlight when you're out for a stroll.  The trick is finding a cover that allows for air circulation, and that is made with breathable fabric, which will prevent overheating.  (For the record, our multi-use cover definitely fits the all-weather bill!)


A car seat cover becomes a barrier between your little one and the outside world.  While it may be socially frowned upon to frantically scream, "Don't touch my baby!" to someone you've just seen coughing or sneezing, a closed car seat cover sends a socially acceptable message that baby would like to stay separate from the germ fest.  Babies have delicate immune systems; the more you can do to protect them from unwanted illness, the better.

Sleep Protection   

An easy way to encourage longer on-the-go naps?  You guessed it!  Use a car seat cover.  While it blocks out harsh light and muffles sound, your little one will snooze away, completely oblivious to the outside world.  The right cover will also provide you peace of mind, by giving you easy accessibility to check on your little one, without disturbing her slumber.       

From wind shelter to sleep protector, a car seat cover is a useful tool to have in your back pocket  (or should we say diaper bag).  We'd venture to say that it's a must have item for every family.  Our multi-use cover is the perfect car seat cover.  We hope you'll give it a try! 

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