Pet and Baby Safety Guidelines

Pet and Baby Safety Guidelines

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Feeling nervous about animals around your baby is normal. Whether you are getting ready to introduce your fur baby to your new baby, or just traveling to visit family with pets for the holidays, follow these guidelines for pet and baby safety and you’ll be just fine.

Go slow

Even sweet tempered animals can be unpredictable, so it’s best to take things slow. Some pets won’t be affected, while others may be jealous of the attention your newborn is getting. Particularly for dogs, let them sniff a baby blanket or worn onesie before they meet, to help them get familiarized with their smell first.

Speak up

It can be awkward to ask your friends or family to put their animals outside or in another room, but if you feel like they are a hazard to your baby, it’s just got to be done. Trust us, they’ll feel much worse if their pet bites your little one than they will from you just asking for some separation. 

Provide a pet safety spot

This works well both for your home and in another’s. Establish a baby-free space where the cat or dog can get away when it’s had enough. It doesn’t have to be an entire room. Even just a cozy corner or out-of-reach bed will do.

Teach them to be gentle

Babies don’t know any better, you have to teach them how to pet, pat and stroke gently. Otherwise they will smack, pull and otherwise abuse your poor little animal. Show them how to be sweet and careful.

Be watchful

No matter how much you trust your pet or another animal, don’t leave your little one alone with them. You can probably recognize the subtle signs when your cat or dog wants to be left alone, but if you aren’t there to watch, who knows how they might react. 

If new baby introductions get off to a rocky start, just know you are not alone. But don’t worry. Sith a lot of patience and some safely-monitored interactions, they will get there.



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