Protecting Your Baby from Flu Season

Protecting Your Baby from Flu Season

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Now, you can’t keep your baby safe from cold and flu forever. Their little immune systems aren’t as strong as adults, plus babies have a habit of putting everything in their mouths. But there are a few things you can do to help protect your little one from getting sick this season.

Vaccinate Yourself

Babies can’t get a flu vaccine, but you can. It’s also a good idea for your parents, babysitter, or anyone else that spends a decent amount of time with your tiny tot to get their flu vaccine.


Breastfeeding is great for baby’s health, if you are able to. The antibodies in breast milk help protect your little one from illness, and studies show that exclusively breastfed babies are less likely to get colds and ear infections.


This should be nothing new for 2020. Be sure to carry disinfecting wipes with you and sanitise surfaces, seats and anything else baby may touch.

Keep Covered

Avoid taking your little one to crowded public places during flu season if you can. But when you do venture out, have their carrier or stroller covered to keep stranger germs at bay. 

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When it comes to visitors, always have them wash their hands, and be strict about having them stay away if feeling sick. It’s not rude to want to take care of your child, so don’t be afraid of speaking up.

Follow these tips and hopefully you can have an illness free cold and flu season. But if not, just make the most of it and enjoy the sick baby snuggles.



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